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I am using Steel Composite Bridge Wizard to create a curved box girder geometry.
The bridge is a three span continuous bridge with span lengths being 137.913ft, 137.398ft and 137.301ft.
The first 118.06ft is straight length. Then there is a circular curve for 278.536ft. The radius of the curve is 836.3445ft. And finally, there is a straight length of 16.016ft
How do I model this layout in the following window?
When I enter the values shown, it gives following error

Thank you for your help.

Attached is a document on how to define multi curve using the wizard. Kindly refer the same.

Hello Again,
Please see attached sketch for the curve I am trying to model. When I input following information in MIDAS
I get following error !

I don’t know how to get around this ! I am not sure what am I doing wrong here ! Can you please help? Please take a look at the attached sketch and suggest what input values should I use to accurately model this curve without getting this error !
Thank you



Dear User,

To generate the multi curve for the GA above, provide inputs as indicated.

The below error occurs, when the values provided under span information, i.e sum of the values are not same as the length of curve obtained from the coordinates defined under multi curve.
Basically, the span length specified is beyond the length of curve defined under multi curve. Modify the span length accordingly to generate the curve.
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