How to design an inclined member as a beam?

A: The software by default designs all the horizontal beam elements as beams, vertical beam elements as columns and inclined elements as braces. By modifying the member type this could be manually dictated as well

So if any inclined beam element has been modelled and requires to be designed as a “beam” and not “brace”, then it is mandatory for the user to assign that element “Member type” using Modify Member Type tool.

To do this from the main menu select Design > General > General Design parameter > Modify Member Type.

For member types not defined by the user, the program defines the member types according to the following by comparing the coordinates of the two nodes of each member:
Column members: Members with the local x-axis parallel to the GCS Z-axis
Beam members: Members with the local x-axis parallel to GCS X-Y plane
Brace members: All other members except for column and beam members

When the member type is repeatedly defined for the same member, the type will be updated to the last type entered. The entered member types can be reviewed in the data table arranged in the order of element numbers. The user may Modify/Add and Delete items in the data table.
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