[DESIGN]     After performing design, can the section be changed and check the design for new section without reanalyzing? If yes, how?

A: Without the need to reanalyzing the entire model, in Midas Gen, the updated section can be checked for sufficiency. The “Section for Design” feature under the Design tab could be used.

From the main menu select Design > Section > Section for Design
Usually, after performing the design, if we notice that certain column is failing or that it is over safe and could be optimized, we need to change the section, reanalyse and redesign the entire model. This is a very time consuming process for complex structures.

To avoid this, midas Gen has a feature of Section for Design as indicated above. Using this feature, direct design could be performed for the required section and the reanalysis could be skipped. This becomes a time saving feature when optimization in design is required.
On clicking this option, a dialogue box as shown on right will appear. The required section size could be modified here and design for only the required section could be performed as usual. Now, the modified section size would be used for design and results for the same would be displayed. This can be done for multiple sections at the same time.
However, once it is adjudged that the design is safe and optimum for change under section for design, the sections need to be modified under the section properties and the model has to be reanalysed and redesigned for final check. This needs to be done, because with the change in section property, the stiffness of the structure as well as the force distribution in members will vary. Before the sections are actually changed under Section property, the design is performed only based on forces calculated using the assigned section properties. Hence, only preliminary design is possible using this feature. After the section property modification, the design based on the final forces which would be acting on the structure needs to be performed.
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