[STRUCTURE]     How to assign wall IDs? What is its significance?

A: In order to reflect the true stiffness of combined walls individual wall elements are assigned with wall (combination) IDs.

Walls in general structures are consists of combinations of single individual walls, thereby forming different geometric configurations. Each wall (group) is defined by entering individual unit wall elements.
Member forces of wall elements are produced for each story by wall IDs. If two or more wall elements at a given floor are numbered with a same wall ID, they are recognized as a single wall structure and each element force is combined together for the force output.
However, wall elements assigned with an identical wall ID but located at different floors are recognized as distinct wall structures. . Accordingly, it would be advisable to assign the same wall ID to all wall elements located in the same plan throughout all the floors in order to avoid confusion.

For assigning wall IDs from main menu go to Structure > Control Data > Auto Wall ID Generation

To individual change the wall IDs go to Nodes/Element > Change parameters > Wall ID

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