Minimum web thickness for torsional stress



Can you please elaborate what is the value of Minimum web thickness for torsional stress used for PSC sections?



Hello Nikola, 

Thanks for getting in touch.

As a sample, we have shown the web thickness to be taken for torsional stress. 

According to Eurocode1992-1-1:2004 Tef,i = A / u, where A is total area (including hollows) and u is the external perimeter. Eurocode says that Tef,i can't be less than real wall thickness anyway. A PSC section can have several wall thickness (outer webs, inner webs, upper slabs...), those are a collection we name as Ti

In fact, Midas Civil has a parameter where user can define this minimum thickness, in Section Properties > Web Thick. > for Torsion, Tmin.

So, Tef,i should be = min[(A/u), Tmin, Ti].

The torsional thickness shall be taken as the web width perpendicular to the inclination and not the horizontal one as shown below:

Hope this helps.

Rohan Agarwal
Structural Engineer

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