[DESIGN]     Difference between Reinforcement Inputs and Design for PT Bent Caps and RC Bent Caps

The section type used for the Bent Cap is PSC section. So, it will not be designed as a simple RC Beam.

You can perform PSC Design for such a section ( which is different than RC) and it will expect you to input tendons inside the box. Just for general information, if you are doing Post Tensioned Bent Caps, you have to go by this way and in that case you define reinforcements by going to Properties> Section Manager>Reinforcements

And then you can add reinfrocement for the section

Then you design the section as a PSC Section from the PSC tab.

Now for general RC Section you have to model the section as simple Rectangle:

Once you do that, now you have to provide the reinforcement by going to Design>RC Design> Beam Section Data for Design/ Checking

For other design steps, you can follow the tutorial I sent you today morning.
Creation date: 9/4/2016 10:24 AM      Updated: 9/5/2017 9:47 AM