Web License Troubleshoot > Checking real time license usage

1. Go to [http://en.midasuser.com/ ]
2. Click [Log in]

3. Type in your MUSS user ID & password
4. Click [Login]
- Make sure to use the account that has already been used with the web license PKID in the program.
- If you have ID on [http://en.midasuser.com], you can use the ID
- Or, create a new account and use in the program.
- If you are an IT administrator and do not have the program installed on your computer, please
a) Ask one of the user engineer for his Muss account information
b) Use your login account on the computer that has the Midas program installed.

5. Go to [My Space] at the top right corner

6. A new window opens and shows the following data
- Company
- TSS License Information
- Users Information

7. Click the license you want to review further details.

8. Scroll down to see the User Data information at the bottom of the page.
Detailed User Data information can be reviewed for each license.
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