What could be causing the issues when attempting to copy tendons on inner beams using the equal distance copy function, and why is there a problem with creating tendons using the Tendon Template option in Structure->PSC Bridge? Additionally, what steps can be taken to resolve these issues with the inner beams, as described in the attached details?


The following key issue is occurring when trying to copy tendons.

Firstly, I can copy tendons on the edge beams.  In the webinar I copied tendon 12_B-1 from elements 115to128 to 815to828 without any issues.  I used the equal distance copy function, with co-ordinates of 0,14.76,0 m.

However, when trying to copy tendons on inner beams I have been unable to do so.  For example, I tried to copy 19_B_1 from elements 515to528 to 615to628, and the following error appeared.

There is another issue appearing when trying to create tendons using the Structure->PSC Bridge->Tendon Template option.  When I select the edge beam elements they appear in the template table shown below, which allows me to add tendons.  However when I select the inner beam elements nothing appears in the table so therefore I cannot add tendons using that option either.

Overall there seems to be an issue with my inner beams, although what it is I have no idea.  If you were able to let me know if you can spot anything that would be much appreciated!  I have attached my latest model for reference.


The local axis of the element used to define the tendon are not aligned and this is causing the error while copying of the tendon.

To align the axis of the girder elements, see the image below. 
Note: Do this for all the girder elements.

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