Reduced integration options


Good morning,

I was wondering is there is a way to used a Reduced Integration formulation for Solid elements.

to elaborate, I'm modeling a short span timber bridge, and as part of the research I'm conducting a sensitivity analysis to determine the model that best represents the actual tests. I've modeled the stringers by using beam elements as well as modeling them as solid elements. Running the analysis the models with solid elements are showing a stiffer response and I was thinking this may be due to shear locking in the model. This can sometimes be mitigated by formulating the stiffness matrices of the elements using a reduced integration formulation compared to a full integration formulation. I hope this helps, let me know if not.



From what I understand from the previous reply, the solid elements are showing stiffer response due to shear locking.
There is no such way to use the reduced integration formulations in midas civil.
But as per my understanding, when we use finer mesh of solid elements, the effect of shear locking will reduce . As solid element will not bend. If the mesh is coarse, then bending will reduce while if we use the finer mesh, we can achieve better bending shape.
So, try once by using the finer mesh.

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