How to define Composite Steel - I type section with unsymmetric deck width?


We can define the unsymmetrical deck using Composite-Steel - I type-II.
Input the value of Sg, Top and bottom accordingly to define the unsymmetrical deck as shown below.
Let's our slab is 2x0.25 m and 0.85m on one side and 1.15m on other side. Keep Sa =0.
Now half top flange width is 0.3 m, so Top = 0.85-0.3 =0.55m. Similarly for bottom.

Model is using the centroid of composite section as section offset selected is Centre Centre. 
If we want to define the beam using centroid of the steel section, then we can use the section offset option.

Here, I used the left-top as reference offset.  Now, from that I further provided the horizontal offset from "extreme fiber" of required value.
Here, in this case, as the web centroid is located at (0.7+0.35) m = 1.05 m away from the extreme left top position so horizontal offset value was given 1.05 m.
where 0.7m is top flange distance from the deck leftmost point and 0.35m is half the flange width.
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