How to define Modulus of Elasticity for time dependent properties


In the attached model, in construction stage 1, the age of concrete is defined as 7 days. In the material property for concrete C50 the Modulus of elasticity has been defined as E = 34000 N/mm^2 but in the result table it can be seen that for CS1 Stage itself it is showing a Start Elasticity of 34090.0507 N/mm^2, but the age of concrete activation is 7 days in stage 1 and stage 1 is of 14 days only. Kindly let us know is there a way to define the Modulus of Elasticity so that it calculates the time dependent properties properly.


Thanks for reaching us.
The definition provided to time dependent properties is correct. Actually, at the age of 7 days, concrete is obtaining certain strength whose modulus of elasticity is the value obtained as per CEB-FIP 1990 code defined for compressive strength gain function. To verify this, I changed the value from 7 to 2 days as age of concrete at time of activation. The elasticity value obtained are

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