Deck Overhang Load


According to On-line help, we can input Distributed Force F, and concentrated Force P for the deck overhang load for composite steel girder design. F is in the horizontal direction, and P is in the vertical direction in the screenshot below.

For the actual construction, we are going to have vertical uniform dead from wet concrete, formwork,  etc. and live load from worker and screed machine. So it is more likely we are going to have distributed or concentrated vertical load rather than horizontal load F. It seems that I can't input distributed vertical load at this moment. Please confirm. For the concentrated force P, where will Midas apply it on the girder, mid-span?



As per AASHTO code, overhang load are checked for constructability stage only. These are applied for non-composite stage and removed after composite action begins.
F is force in top and bottom flange due to distributed loads from concrete overhang deck brackets.

Question: For the concentrated force P, where will Midas apply it on the girder, mid-span?
Answer: As mentioned in AASHTO code, C6. and c6., P is applied at middle of unbraced length.

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