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below you find 2 questions about TSC model of Midas FEA from important user:

1)“Which is the failure criterion that has been implemented in the numerical model which uses the total strain smeared crack model? Does Midas-FEA have a specific failure criterion for masonry elements? Have authors modelled the masonry behaviour with a general failure criterion available for other materials (e.g. concrete)?”

2) Furthermore, as the manual in paragraph 13-3 below shows, I would like to have some details on the 6 variables of internal damage:





In midas FEA, there is no such thing as masonry elements. Masonry walls in the building consists of bricks and mortar (bed/head joint). The failure of mortar between bricks can be modeled using the interface with 'Combined Cracking-Shearing-Crushing' whose failure criterion is well explained in the analysis manual 14-6 Combined Cracking-Shearing-Crushing.

Regarding the total strain crack model, I will get back to you as soon as I get the response from the developer.



Here is the reply from the developer about the TSC model in FEA.
1. The failure criteria of TSC model is the tension, compression and shear function. The details of each function is explained in the theory manual. 

2. Six variables of internal damage are the variables used to identify the failure status for the three principal directions of tension and for the three principal directions of compression. Most details are explained in the theory manual including how to update internal variables, equation 13.7. It is difficult to explain more than that. 

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