Error during Lane Definition for HA load based on British standard.


While defining Moving Load Lanes, we defined :
Lane width        :  3m
Wheel spacing  :  2.5m

However, we received the following error : 
"[Error] Line Lane Data (Name : sv lane) contains errors. (Item : Both wheel spacing and (number of wheels-1) * wheel spacing should be less than or equal to the Lane Width.)

Kindly explain the meaning of the above error and suggest ways to resolve it. 


The reason for this error is that the KEL and distributed load for British Standard HA loading vehicle in MIDAS are applied as 4 Point Loads and 4 lines of UDL along the lane. So this error refers to spacing these 4 loads transversely within the lane width. For this reason, the wheel spacing has to be less or equal to 1/3 of the lane width, so that 4 wheels can fit.

Please not that this does not affect other normal and user defined vehicles, the above load distribution only applies to the standard HA loading. Other vehicles are applied in the analysis with the specified number and spacing of wheels as defined for the vehicle.
Creation date: 8/22/2018 4:01 AM      Updated: 5/22/2023 6:24 AM