Moving Load Analysis Optimization


I have a rather larger model that takes several days to run all of the moving load cases. Every time I make any change to the model, I need to re-run everything even though nothing has changed with the moving load case. Is there any way to import results so that I do not need to re-run the moving load cases every time I make a change?



There is a way to import results of an analysed file in midas Civil. However, its time consuming process as a different file needs to be manually generated. For details, kindly refer the online help manual (Link).
Personally, I think the best solution is to add the moving load after all the required modifications are done to the model. The moving load can be imported using the mct command shell. However, the element nos. in both the models should be same for this to work.
Creation date: 10/27/2017 5:44 AM      Updated: 10/27/2017 3:16 PM