Unstable model in moving load analysis



Hoping you can help. I attach a model of a bridge I am working on.

I am happy that the model is correct however when I add the traffic loading it will not solve. I am assuming it is too large a file?

Is there anything I can do to refine the model to allow me to solve with traffic loading?


At our end, the model is failing even under self weight. The reason for failure is actually incorrect geometric modelling. Kindly refer the image below.

The above image is taken after enabling the shrink option from view tab. This option basically shrinks the element between the nodes in proportion to its actual length. It could be noted that at several master node locations, the element is not shrinking. This basically means that the node does not divide that particular element and hence here is no force transfer from the main girder to the said master node. So, there is no intermediate support from such pier location and hence the analysis is failing.
To rectify this, the element could be divided by the said node as shown in the image below or these elements could be recreated.

Once the elements are properly divided, a gap as shown in the image below would be visible with shrink view on.

Kindly modify the model and reanalyze.
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