[DESIGN]     Can Design criteria be assigned to members individually? How ?

A: If the rebar data for design differs for different elements, then Design Criteria for Rebar by Member can be assigned individually pertaining to the required element

From the main menu select Design > Design > RC design > Design Criteria for Rebar by Member.
Generally ‘Design Criteria of rebar is used to enter the standard details of main and sub-rebar used in the design of beam, column and brace members. This also includes spacing for vertical and horizontal rebar used in the design of shear wall members.

But where certain members need these data to be different from the standard specifications, then ‘Design Criteria for Rebar by Member’, can be used to define specific rebar data according to which the program calculates capacity for that particular member.

For members where ‘Design Criteria for Rebar by Members’ does not exist or are deleted, the rebar data defined in ’Design criteria of Rebar’ will be used instead.
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