[RESULTS]     How to check the Fundamental Period and Model Mass percentage in Dynamic analysis?

A: Eigenvalue analysis provides dynamic properties of a structure by solving the characteristic equation composed of mass matrix and stiffness matrix. The dynamic properties include natural modes (or mode shapes), natural periods (or frequencies) and modal participation factors.

Natural mode: A natural mode pertains to free vibration in an undamped system. 1st mode, 2nd mode and n-th mode represent the order in which least energy is required to deform the structure.

Natural Period: A natural period is the time that it takes to freely vibrate the structure into the corresponding natural mode one full cycle.

Modal Participation Factor: The ratio of the influence of a specific mode to the total modes.

To view these options of dynamic analysis result table select from the main menu select Results > Table > Result Tables > Vibration Mode shape.

The graphical view for the mode shapes can be viewed under Results > Mode Shape > Vibration mode shape

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