[PROPERTIES]     How to generate uniform Tapering for sections irrespective of the number of segments?

A: While an element is assigned with a tapered section and is divided into number of segments, tapering happens with each segment of the element.

To get uniform tapering irrespective of the number of segments, Tapered Section Group should be assigned.

From the main menu select Properties > Section > Tapered group. Select the group of beams, despite the beams being divided by the presence of columns.

The Tapering generated could be either Linear or Parabolic.

For the members, grouped in Tapered Section Group, the sectional properties of the non-prismatic section are automatically calculated such that the group section varies uniformly irrespective of the number of segments in the group. The auto-calculated sectional information can be converted into the model data on clicking ‘Convert to Tapered Section’.

NOTE: Tapered sections defined by Value Type cannot be assigned as a Tapered Section Group
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