[LOAD]     Horizontal Moving/Live Load (AASHTO - Centrifugal forces)

Currently, it isn't possible to automatically assign the centrifugal force for AASHTO live load code. However, this can be done manually. The steps to be followed are as below:
1) Convert the moving load into static load using the moving load tracer feature, for the vehicle position where centrifugal force is to be assigned.

2) Copy the content of the generated text file

3) Go to Tools>MCT Command Shell and paste the content in the dialogue box

4) Hit Run. This will create a new static load case.

5) Obtain the load position from the element table for the axle loads

6) Calculate the centrifugal force to be applied manually and apply that with required eccentricity.

With this, the centrifugal load application is done and now this static load case could be checked with centrifugal force effects. The demo model file is also attached.
Creation date: 4/20/2017 8:41 PM ()      Updated: 9/20/2017 5:45 PM ()