Section Offset in midas Civil

Question:Why end hogging moments are generated for pin-pin supported girder?

To understand the reason for hogging moments at the ends of pin-pin supported girder, we need to first understand how the "Section Offset" works.

If vertical offset is provided (like Center-Top) then the program will create rigid links to join the offset point and the centroid of the section.

When a pin-pin boundary condition is specified to the girder having section offset as Center Top, then the program will create the rigid links as shown below:

The Bending moments generated at the Neutral Axis will be displayed at the Reference line. By this approach we are considering the effect of section offset in the program.

For a rectangular section with offset 1) Center-Center  Vs   2) Center-Top, below moments will be generated.
PFA the comparison model file.


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1 Indeterminate beam offset check.mcb