Program close down when launch


I have installed the 2019 midas Civil version and managed to run it once.
The software loads up and shuts down when i try to create a new file or open an existing one.
Is there a compatibility issue? I am running window 7 on a HP Zbook laptop.
This was a constant problem with 2018 version which i ended up not using at all .
Will a window 10 upgrade will solve the problem?
I am trying to finish some modelling which is urgent so a quick respond with be much appreciated. 




According to your previous ticket, your laptop has two display adapters, i.e. AMD Radeon and Intel HD Graphics as shown below. Modern systems switch between these cards depending on the load being put on the graphics system, Windows and Word would use the Intel HD Graphics, whereas games, midas Civil . . . etc. would use the AMD Radeon.

midas Civil works better with NVIDIA graphics card. Sometimes, the program closes down when you click on Open / New file in the laptops with the AMD Radeon graphics card. 
Here is the solution. 
1. Download the patch by clicking [Here] Unzip the file and run the file "Copy_Atioglexx.cmd" as administrator by right clicking on the icon. Restart your laptop.
2. If the problem is not resolved with the above patch, download the additional patch by clicking [Here].
3. If the above two patches do not work, try the following steps and the new patch below:
- Close all applications
- Download the patch [Here].
- Unzip the file and run "Patch_atioglexx.cmd" as administrator. If you right click on the file, you can see the option to run as administrator ("Run as Administrator") in the menu.
- Restart your laptop and try to run midas Civil to see if it works correctly or not.

Please do let me know the result.

DK Lee
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