Error within Traffic Line Lane definition


Good Day,

I am using MIDAS Civil to model an integrated circular bridge, using the South African code - TMH7.

Upon the definition of my Traffic Line Lanes, when I add my parameters as specified by the manual, I obtain the following error:

[Error] Line Lane Data (Name:NA1) contains errors.(Item:Both wheel spacing and (number of wheels-1)*wheel spacing should be less than or equal to the Lane Width.)

However, as shown in the screenshot below, my wheel spacing is less than the lane width. (due to the nature of the geometry, units are in mm, but the same problem persists in m).

Can you please provide some insight?




Thanks for writing to us!
Actually, in midas Civil, each traffic lane has 4 positions in transverse direction for which the influence lines are generated.  Wheel spacing is more like the distance between these influence lines.  Hence, for NA vehicle, which has a total width of 1900mm, the wheel spacing would have to be entered as 1900/3 = 633.33mm.
With that, this error would be resolved.  Kindly let us know if further assistance would be required.

Technical Manager, MIDAS
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