Beam End Offsets used with Section Offset


When beam end offsets is used, it seems to ignore the section offsets that are already in place. In the example below the superstructure has a Center-Top section offset. As can be seen in Fig 3, when the view is reloaded the section appears to reset itself to Center-Center offset. Does this affect the model or is it merely visual?

Also, is there an option to only show the non-offset portion of the element? Or does it it always visually show the entire element?

Fig 1: Before setting beam offset

Fig 2: Right after application

Fig 3: After reloading view (Toggle Hidden x2)

This affects the model as well as visualization. Also, tendons cannot be assigned to the element to which Beam End Offset is assigned. As a workaround, thus, it is recommended to remove Beam End Offset and create an elastic link whose type is 'Rigid' for the corresponding offset length as shown below. The element needs to be divided at the end of offset region and then you can create the elastic link.

Regretfully, there is no option to only show the non-offset portion of the element. It always show the entire element. This is an interesting feature to be considered for the future development. Thanks.

DK Lee
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